RV Collision Repair FAQ's

Below are some frequently asked questions about our RV Collision Repair Services

Why RV Collision of Louisiana, what makes you different?

For starters, we have the only facility around that tailors to and has the ability to repair the paint work to your RV the right way. Ask your current facility if they will paint your RV inside a heated paint booth, if they don't have one the answer is simple. The quality of the work will suffer. We house the largest automotive paint booth in the south just to ensure your RV gets the quality care, repair and attention it deserves. Don't let your RV be painted in a dusty parking lot or greasy shop!

Will this be covered by insurance?

In just about every case, any type of collision, whether driving related, storm related, or simply running into your RV with something as simple as your bicyle will be covered by your insurance company! You are responsible just for your deductible.

Are there any jobs too big or small? 

Not at all.  We can handle everything from small scratch repair to major body reconstruction and restoration.

How long will this take?

Obviously this varies, but we will be the most efficient facility around.  It’s no benefit to us to keep your unit any longer than we have to.  Sometimes there are obstacles, particularly finding old or obsolete parts which can take some time to track down. But we will be upfront and honest with you every step of the way.

How much will it cost?

To give you a good answer on cost, that will typically require an in-person estimate.  We will gladly provide an estimate if you stop by with your unit.  If you’re not in town already, we will work with you remotely as best as we can.  Call us first, and then we’ll have you e-mail pictures so we can provide an initial estimate. You can always email pictures to info@rvcollisionla.com.

My unit is older, are you able to restore/repair it?

In almost all cases, yes.  The older the RV gets, the more difficult it can be to obtain replacement parts. We have in house and outside access to fabrication, both metal and fiberglass, to help rebuild your unit back to how it was prior to your accident.

What do I need to do to maintain my roof? My dealer didn’t give me any instructions

Your roof is the most important maintenance item for your RV.  The elements (sun and rain) are brutal, and water intrusion is the enemy.  We recommend briefly inspecting your roof every 6 months for physical damage as well as conditions of your seals.  Once seals have dried and become brittle to the point of cracks and separation, you are at high risk for water leaks.  Most people will need to reseal their roof once a year on average to ensure that leaks don’t occur.  We offer roof resealing, roof repair, and roof replacement as a service.  At minimum we can give you more tips on products and methods.

Do you offer free estimates?

Of course!  We wouldn’t expect you to commit to repair without knowing about what it will cost.  Furthermore, most insurance companies require this step (if it is a covered claim),

My RV is immobile, can you come look at it for an estimate?

Yes, we are able to do this, but in some cases it would require a road estimate fee (depending on distance).  Your insurance company should cover such fees.

I had a bad accident/blowout, can you come get my unit?

We do not offer towing, this service will be handled through your insurance company.

I’m confused about the insurance process, can you explain?

Always contact your insurance company first and notify them of damages to your unit. They will start a claim and issue a claim number. Get this claim number and any contact information from the insurance company. We can take it from there.

Can you paint something besides RV’s?

Most certainly!  Our paint booth is the largest around and can accommodate just about any unit or piece of equipment that can get around on the highways.  So we can handle big rig trucks also. We do not however, cater to the small auto industry.

I found some bubbles in my sidewall fiberglass, what do I do?

This is called delamination and can occur in any laminate sidewall in the industry (which 90+% of RV’s use). The repair depends on the nature/cause of the delamination. If it is near a window, typically the delam is caused by a water leak.  If it is out by itself then it could be a glue adhesion issue.  We will probably need to take a look to know what repair method to use, but that is what we do!

Do I have to go through my dealer first to get work done? Or come direct to RV Collision?

We typically would prefer to work directly with you as the customer and your insurance company for any paint and body repairs. This takes any confusion out of what the scope of the project is and eliminates any confusion. We will, however, work with your dealer if need be, just simply tell them you want the work performed at our shop and you can also stay in contact with us throughout the process!

Can you perform warranty work?

Yes, in fact we do a large amount of warranty repair jobs.  Sometimes you can come straight to us, in other cases, we’ll have you run the warranty claim through your selling dealer as required by the manufacturer.  But beyond paint and body work, we can offer various appliance repairs/replacements such as air conditioners, refrigerators, furnaces, water heaters, etc.

Can you also fix other items in addition to body work?

Yes, you can consider us a one stop shop for all your repair needs. This includes appliances, roofs, slide rooms, floors, etc.  Our customers appreciate being able to get everything handled by an outfit they can trust.  Our relationships with local shops, national vendors, dealers, and manufacturers allow us to tackle anything.  We will do most repairs in house, and any other items (such as major structural work or welding), we will handle on our end through sublets, so you don’t have to go to several different places.

Location Information

Phone: (337) 210-5333

Address: 128 N Ambassador Caffery Pkwy

Scott LA, 70583

Email: info@rvcollisionla.com

Hours: Monday thru Friday | 8 am - 5 pm

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